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Clean Care
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Using our Clean Care decontamination spray while washing your car prepares it for a good wax coating. For a long lasting shine with no harsh chemicals - using our Clean Care Carnauba wax post decontamination wash on your polished stainless steel snorkel will keep it looking brand new for longer. Carnauba wax is also safe to use on your powder coated snorkel leaving it streak free and extra shiny!


- Carnauba wax blend for high result shine

- No white residue

- Safe for rubbers and plastic surfaces

- Enhances colour paint and powder coat creating a bright long lasting shine

- No abrasives or harmful silicones

- Maintain your shine!

- Removes iron and other contaminates from the grain in hard surfaces

- Stops tea staining on stainless steel and similar metals

- Safe for the environment

- Does not damage paint, plastics, rubber, glass or chrome

- Perfect for preparing raw metal surfaces for sealing, painting, powder coating and waxing.