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Our current wait time is 6-8 Weeks from order to shipping on most products

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your fitting costs?

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Snorkel Fitting costs are:

$250 Monday – Friday

$350 Weekends

Airbox Fitting costs are:

$100 Monday - Friday

$150 Weekends

Other products have additional fitting costs.

What’s the difference between short and long entry?

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The difference between the short and long entry is purely cosmetic and personal preference. The short entry runs straight down the pillar and into the guard, whereas the long entry runs down the pillar and has a leg before entering the guard. Both styles hook up to the standard airbox.

End Caps

Do you do custom end caps?

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We have a few generic custom end caps which are available to add to your purchase online. These are $88. If you are wanting to design your own custom end cap, they are $231 which covers the cost of the design fee, laser cutting and owning rights to the design.

Our snorkel comes with our signature end cap at no extra cost

What’s the difference between black and black with a polished end cap?

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The difference is just the finish on the end cap. When you select for the snorkel to be powder coated, the whole snorkel will be Black but you can choose to either keep the End Cap black or have it polished.

How do you stop rain and water from getting in?

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As the snorkel is a vacuum system, it is inevitable that water may enter the snorkel.  If water does get in, we rely on the factory airboxes drains to allow the water to get out. However, we do have snorkel socks that you can put on during expected rain times to minimise the amount of water that gets in, because they are an oiled pre-filter. 

We have also developed a product called a ‘water diverter’, this part replaces the straight pipe section between the snorkel and the airbox inlet. This part is compatible with most snorkel kits.


Why is my polished snorkel rusting?

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Although we use 316L marine grade stainless steel it still has pores/grooves. These markings in the snorkels can get dirt, grime and other contaminants trapped in them. This results in what's called “tea staining”. This can be minimised with coating your snorkel in a polish or similar to fill the grooves between washes.

We use Autosol or a similar rough textured polish and a rag to remove the surface tea staining. For tough embedded contaminants you can use a decontaminant spray, such as cleanway decontaminant spray, that you can find for sale at Meredith Metalworks. Once the area is decontaminated a wax/polish coating is suggested for a longer lasting result. 

Do you do snorkel replacements?

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Snorkel replacements – Yes, only for the following products 

- 80 series (Safari only) 

- D22

- GU
- 76/78/79 Series Landcruiser 

We do not guarantee that all of the mounting holes will be covered with the stainless-steel snorkel. We do utilize the existing entry hole but as we did not fit the snorkel, we cannot guarantee any alignment of
the template.

Shipping & Delivery

What is your wait time?

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Our general wait time is 4 weeks.

Around busier times like Christmas due to a higher-than-normal influx of orders, you can expect our turnaround times to get up to around 8 weeks.

All of our products are hand made to order. These wait times are an estimate from order date to shipping.

How do I make an order?

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You can place an order online on our website or you can send through your order along with your details which include full name, address, phone number and email address and we will place the order manually for you.

How much is shipping on snorkels?

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Shipping on snorkels is calculated from the length and size of the snorkel pipe and kit and the area which it is being sent.

Where are you located? What is your address?

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Our address is 528 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Jindalee QLD 4073.


Black Powder Coating options

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The standard option that we have for our powder
coating is a Gloss Black. We can opt to have it in a Satin/Matte black, we
would just need to specify it on your order.

How does the water diverter work?

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Our water diverter is made to relieve the amount of water getting to your airbox. The water diverter uses the intake air pressure within the snorkel to create a downwards motion of water with a vacuum like pressure. The water is forced to the walls and forced down. Your car runs off positive pressure and zero pressure, when your car is on you have a positive pressure which means the valve is open which allows the water to be released either via duck bill valve but when your car is off the duck bill is closed. Duck bill valves are not a necessity however we have added it as another precautionary measure to reduce water from getting to the airbox.


100mm 3inch -$130 - 3.5inch $150 - 4inch $220

150mm 3inch - $130 - 3.5inch $150 - 4inch $ 220

250mm 3inch - $150 - 3.5inch $180 - 4inch $ 250

300mm 3inch - $150 - 3.5inch $180 - 4inch $250

450mm 3inch - $ 180 - 3.5inch $210 - 4 inch

Do you do exhaust kits?

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We do, do exhaust kits for select models. Contact our staff for a quote and availability.

What is seamless?

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There are no visible welds in the snorkel. It is designed to look like one continuous stainless-steel pipe.

We no longer offer a non-seamless option.


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Please Note:

As our products are in high demand and are all hand crafted, please expect an estimated 6-8 week turnaround from payment date.

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